About us

Tatyana Hirsch, the creator of the project:

«I am glad to present you a barbershop for men where we offer our clients a wide range of beauty services of consistently high quality. For you I have gathered a team of experienced and talented masters whose professionalism has been repeatedly confirmed at the All-Russian and international competitions. In the «Men's Hall» we don’t just do good haircuts or high-quality manicure, we work on a person’s style and appreciate your time».

The team

The basis of the team "Men's Hall" is real artists in the field of hairdressing. They have not only achieved excellent technique in their work but are also distinguished by a precise attitude towards the profession and want to share their knowledge with young specialists. Here we train our own personnel and a new generation of hairdressers, talented and not indifferent to the profession. An additional stage in the training of masters gives us one hundred percent confidence in the qualification of each of them. Our hairdressers possess the skills of a classical school and are able to perform a haircut of any complexity and style orientation - from conservative to trendy.

Maria Novikova
Maria Novikova
Top master
Two-time champion of Russia in 2002, 2005.
I have been doing hairdresser's art for more than 20 years. I discovered great opportunities in this work: I realized myself as a professional and realized my mission – to pass my knowledge and experience to young specialists. It is not difficult to teach technology, it’s more important to transfer the attitude toward the profession: how to feel empathy for the client, how to achieve mutual understanding and, most importantly, always remain an artist and work with inspiration.
Maria Novikova
Maria Novikova
Top master


We work only with the best cosmetics that the beauty industry can offer.


Professional hair care cosmetics and styling products

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Kevin Murphy

Ammonia free hair dye

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Deep hair restoration and scalp care
Cosmetics for manicure and pedicure

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linda kristel
la biosthetique

Invariably high quality

Each brand represented in the «Men's Hall»  is the flagship of its industry, it has rich history and perfect reputation which is valued by its creators.



Manufacturers strictly follow the composition of the products, therefore it is based on plant components and there are no sulfates and parabens.


Environmental care

The brands presented in our barbershop are distinguished by a high level of social responsibility. All cosmetic products are produced in an environmentally safe way and are not tested on animals.